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" His face some displeasure, took a step back to avoid the direct spiritual sister's hand, "there is no fever. No way, soul sister to buy the lunch we ate at the hospital until the afternoon when the results are out, with my grandmother sat opposite Zhuo Wei, watching him, "Zhuo doctors ah, she was able to operate on the right . ." I'm back to the Chen Sheng. " "What do you mean, ah, Ma aunt you scare me?" Three Crips pointed to himself, "I have not really afraid of anything, do not say that Fengxia drowned in the river DEATH specifically looking men do, I went to the river several times, did not see her ah Kazakhstan, but then again, I really feel very sorry for it, if I can see her, she is a ghost pipe, and comes in really want to try that fat bitch child's taste it! " 'Snapped'! ! ! "You hit me?!" Watching three crippled grandmother looked at his face can not believe I lived ignorant, I did not expect grandma actually beat him, so many years, I first saw the grandmother beat besides me people, but also a slap in the face fan. cheap real eagles jerseys " "Oh, this is to say that you do, Mr.

" Grandpa some stuck directly to see Grandma, "the old woman, you speak with the children." Yo Oh, I have a Angtou Aung, straight backs looked at him, did not want to lose the momentum "You think I'm afraid you ah, you have the ability to move me to try? In our class, so no one would dare talk to me." Until the train, I was still in shock that were at home watching TV, I also saw the car, ah, ah nice buildings, busy streets or anything, but always felt that people live on TV is fabricated." But she did not see it, I still remember her grandmother sitting in a wicker chair on the promise I made to see the scene of dollars it. "This is not nonsense it! Hurry to the hospital it !!" Rural doctors a look at Tracy's mother fainted, strode to the front of the grandmother: "! You did it harm you know, this is no scientific basis ah" Grandmother with eyes closed in that slow, then opened his eyes and looked at the young doctor a "how harm me, I was to save people.

Grandma lit a cigarette, half amused quiet standing on the river bank, the body seems to be manipulation in general, mechanical turn, then took a few steps in one direction, and then opened his eyes, looked at me, "Jiao Long, you come!" I froze for a moment, or ran next to her grandmother, she looked somewhat stern face, opened his mouth, "basking, this is how you are. "what!!!!!!" Tracy's mother screams shock that I eardrums were buzzing sound, I looked at her face distorted with pain goes on, I just feel a shake of God, that face instantly turned into an old man's appearance, followed by her mouth issued a "hiccup. cheap Rays jerseys " Grandma's eyes a move away from my face, stood up straight, hands pick up on things with "Jiao Long ah, grandma now take you home ah. cheap real authentic nfl jerseys Before I open it, lift 'bang when' soon, actually stopped. cheap ravens nike jerseys " I feel like I suddenly thought of something, he opened his mouth, "basking, you're not taking me back to the city without it, I do together with my mother, she does not like me, ah, I keep up with you what!" Grandma nodded.

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