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Grandma quilt was spread in the house, the mouth should be a cry, "You go, I'll be right with you!" I simply do not want to go, but really wait any longer, Yayi Yao told myself not to think, I do not have any connection with Fengxia relationship to go out. "" basking! we go! "I look like my mom to gas, inviting grandmother's hand angrily He said. " "But how do you tell grandfather ah. "what!!!!!!" Tracy's mother screams shock that I eardrums were buzzing sound, I looked at her face distorted with pain goes on, I just feel a shake of God, that face instantly turned into an old man's appearance, followed by her mouth issued a "hiccup. He stood outside the elevator, looked at me, then frowned slightly, off the headphones, eyes cold "Where to wild boy, this is a special elevator health care, it is for you to play, come out." I do not know, "basking eye good soul sister pregnant with a relationship yet. cheap polyester soccer jerseys for sale " Grandma's voice trembled a. "Grandma, you go out to see the thing after all let me follow you.

I was back to the grandmother in rural areas, according to the grandmother's words, she thought I would not live long, but did not think that even from the state slowly dying me a strong rice a rice soup up. cheap Portland Trail Blazers jerseys "Well, people in this life, what make life difficult for Kaner ah, ye can not have hanged himself ah, hanged after death look like the most ugly, violent death but also on the outside, the house can not go back even after this is Budehaosi ah, is not easy to cast more than one fetus, young, a pity ah ." Grandma stood up, "I posters for a lifetime, can know what to say and what not to say, because you are my relatives, so I'm back today to break the taboo, to talk to you to understand, that children who have to go, especially the elderly, when the face will go off phase, adults can not see, so the children looked cry, so to speak, you understand me. cheap plus size nfl jerseys " Maybe he did not think I have come to see the doctor, speaking in the same year that the department is still popular, generally go to the department of congenital facial features are flawed, like me belong to a case, and occasionally double cut what eyelids, they are also sneaky, few openly as they are now so openly whole." Then, I went out heels. grandmother, I want to tell you, just . Zhuo unicorn see my back staring at the corner, he bent down to pick up the bag, looked at me a little afraid to believe "black monkey .

" Do not know whether shame or how, anyway, tears flow out, the grandmother looked down, and sure enough I found pants are wet, did not say anything, took my hand I get back to the house. cheap Portland Trail Blazers jerseys uk " Soul sister a little embarrassed smile, looked at him "Come on, you younger brother in the office yet. " I shook my head "no. At this time, lying on the sofa Zhuo scene began to twitch, soul sister turned, a face full of tears: "aunt, you would not hit ." Tracy some do not understand." Grandma looked at her, "how the child has a problem yet, I do not say, if the child crying at night, you took the scissors put under the pillow, so much the better.

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