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"Uncle!" The girl shouted and tried Lanzhu father's arm, pointed with my grandmother, "Uncle, you see, beggar again, not that yesterday came one old and one small yet. cheap pink eagles jerseys Zhuowei Shu-t will take over chopsticks, Zhuo King broke off from the middle, facing up to the folder, Zhuo Jing brow slightly Organisation with, but the big bag has longer face fierce again. " I lowered my eyes, that moment is true that some things he can not decide, nor is it able to say capricious reach the destination, I nodded, "basking, I know, I am a girl. " "You're going to Huijuan that ah." Grandma mouth shall forward, face some pain. cheap Pirates jerseys Grandma is actually very calm, as if always knew I was eavesdropping outside, snappily looked at me, "Jiao Long, You're naughty, is not it. " Grandmother grunted "That I put it, you look at it, we can stop this is not the so!" My grandmother did not understand a bit of it, was about to listen to it carefully, the grandmother came out, looked at me, "Jiao Long, what are you doing ah.

" "What is the city of the country, are the same people, in fact, you see them wearing Shuiguang slippery, not necessarily the day we had comfortable, stop, my car parked at the side of it, I will send you to the hotel rest, then take you to eat delicious ah. "I'm talking, uncontrollable crying stand up." "Oh, this is to say that you do, Mr. " "No aunt, I see little scene quite like Jiao Long, otherwise he can not be said that we must go to my house over there ah . cheap Pistons jerseys Grandma looked at him and sighed, "just children ah, aunt today put words to leave you this, if you still go on like this, certainly on the loose in your home, and if good, perhaps you can a wife ." Grandma seeing it and hit me, quickly stepped forward to protect the back of my grandfather, grandmother watched the opening "What are you doing ah, you give it broke, the child is still small, it is not sensible ! " "I can remember, I was a monster, so my mother has not come back to see me, I can be when the boy when the girl! I want to be a boy, the boy can protect yourself!" I shouted loudly, a fearless look .

Grandma suddenly raised his face, my eyes stare somewhat scared, "basking, how do you. "Jiao Long, let it grow up faster, grow up, I'll take my mother to the doctor, do not let my dad call my mom. So I did not react, grandfather fell in the yard, and a grandmother read three lame hit the grandfather, he picked up arms 'black'! ! Three Crips bang gave a slap in the face, "Who are you dare, you really lawless !!" Three Crips was slapped after the grandmother, blood-red eyes stare moment, backhand pulled grandmother's arm, forced sideways Yishuai grandmother older, which can withstand such Yishuai he was sitting, crawling not up." Grandma replied, sitting kang edge, continue opening said, "to tell you ah, I'm at home in the afternoon to a Gua Bu Jiao Long, her married life in committing evil barge, can not marry , in this life, it is a person." My grandmother, then a smattering, looking grandmother "is that my life is not good, but you do not say I'll do, Mr.

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