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"I saw the grandmother promised to go back and look, well on its way and quickly rushed the house, I can not tell in the end what is urgent. As I became almost abandoned, my grandmother appeared, she deliberately went to the county from the countryside passenger sitting just to look at her grandson or granddaughter, but who did not think, has been less affected by the mother to be see the grandmother, that time has become my savior, so I was home with the grandmother. cheap Philadelphia 76ers jerseys uk "Basking, so many lights, it does not cost electricity. " Grandma shook his head "No, I just feel there are evil spirits, adult all right, my main Jiao Long with it, I can not let her have a thing. I listened to my father talking about the hand opened the door, just walked into the yard, they saw one wearing a dress ponytail scrub girl, she looks to me almost as big rubber band tied to the yard just jump yet. Grandpa asked Grandma, intersex what it meant, grandma continued to say "the future is to pick me up this line of business, after the children failed to do, do not nest in here, sir, National Cheng Kung University it!" Some scoff grandfather, mouth saying "OK, what's not your first, they are people who believe this generation, you hear these words if you had let Huijuan angry, let Jiao Long honest examination to college ." Soul sister'd accept that two bags of things, I looked at the grandmother's face a loose, "Then we go back.

"Zhuo Wei! You listen to me now, and quickly go to the hospital !!" soul sister still loud talking, heart Yun aunt in the side of a hurry to ask "spiritual ah, this is ye ah. I also felt grandmother's hand a little heavy, blunt press in stone paddled makes me a little sore, but before I do mouth, grandma symbol unfinished, and just let go, the wind stopped instantly." "Why ah. cheap Philadelphia 76ers jerseys Because there guarding grandfather, I'd never fall, it is to be able to come up lame three pinch gas, hold back the feeling of blood on his head, black eyes, the brain blank." He looked still smiled and nodded, "Well, sister, I know you're going to the provincial capital. cheap peyton manning broncos jerseys " I looked That thin Suko also some hesitation, the ears and the voice sounded twins "Sister, you eat, you eat like a belly, since we can always be together.

" A grandmother to anger, along with the baby's crying, "Why the hell out of me, ah, this is my grandson!" Carter, the child cried louder, and kept scratching hand clutching what seemed to not like her mother to hold him. "You let the police come to see, the two of us who easily kill people. " "I am a boy." "You look at those who sit on a wicker chair. cheap peyton manning nfl jerseys for sale When I stumbled woke up and found my clothes had been off grandmother, who also cover the quilt, the room was dark, the night has been deep, I would like to turn over and go back to sleep, but heard grandma with grandpa whispered positive to say these words. " I think this soul sister say people listening quite comfortable, but she looks also good to see, that weak, Wen Wen quiet, was wearing rimless glasses, looks very cultural conservation, but also the name nice, mind.

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