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" Grandmother looked at me without blinking an eye "Continue!" I can only bite to continue to dig, just dig a small pit, the river suddenly the wind comes up, I instantly had a chill winter comes, grandmother standing still did not move, just looked at me, and then shoes suddenly thrown into the pit, "buried!" On the river from the increasing wind, I feel soon blown away, there is a feeling of flying through heart sank, squat body struggling to put some stones buried on Fengxia of that shoe, quivering stood up and grabbed the grandmother, "grandma! Let's go home now, wind big !!!" Grandma but suddenly squatted down, pulled my hands, put my fingers against the cut on the shoe buried stone painted something like a crooked character the same, I completely scared silly, on the one hand fear It has been blown away, could hear the faint wind came like a woman cry." I'm back with muffled, I actually want to do things to make Grandma happy, but I do not know how can grandmother happy, I just feel good that maybe grandma will be happy . cheap nhl youth jerseys Grandma serious face walked up to me, crouched down and looked at me, "Are you Mr. I think he is the Son mouth bad guy, but I do not know why the children afraid of him, and three lame mouth Hande wooden club What does it mean, just turned to look at the children did not go long, but the whole person dumbfounded "children ����what happened to you����" Son seems to be a general point hole stood there, motionless, the body also maintains the run position, so I did not step forward, he suddenly reduced quickly, directly into the earth to shrink, and that scene is like a large living disappeared suddenly in front of you, I was scared to this scene, a time do not know to react." Tracy shook his head "No, our household children well, my mother, my mother and something happens ah !!" "Your mother?" Grandma froze for a moment, watching Tracy "how was she?" "She . cheap nike authentic nfl jerseys

" Although I did Zheng Yanjing, but some worry, I do not want to become a girl ah, I have to change into a boy ah! "Old woman, talk to you too, if you book enough money, you give Huijuan call her by point, we can not let the children have been so not telling Huijuan, and other experts of the pig when I sell the house of paying the money to her, but I think she can not let Johnson has been so long, you say it." Grandmother direct waved, interrupted soul sister, then took a deep breath and looked at her, "the mind, we do not talk about this, the children do not know that, no matter Zhashui, two days Thank you, ah, we still lead the progenitor Sun both live such a good hotel, I have not lived this life to such a good child." I put my head out of the window twist to express my cynicism." "Big Ah, your mother . cheap nhl wholesale jerseys

" I was stunned." "Mom, I saw it." "I am the boy!" I said, staring eyes, his father's face was suddenly a stiff, silent moment looking at me like look." Enliaoyisheng grandmother, hold me, my mom wanted a few words, but looked at the mother's eyes despise sighed and left.

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