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"Jiao Long ah! Jiao Long !!!!" Grandma with grandpa seeing each other arm stood up, stumbled came to my side." Grandma hand embrace the embrace my shoulder, looked at my father, "yes ah, ambition, Jiao Long, or I'll take it." Soul sister are too busy to greet us, and it's caught my father's arm, "until later, her brother, and quickly to help, little scene out of a thing!" "Little King, who is a little scene ah!" Dad was bewildered soul sister pull it out of the running, I rushed back to her grandmother also shouted "Mom, Jojo, you guys do not go !!" I am a little fat ignorant, I feel this matter how attached a one, that Zhuo King come in yet, thinking, I looked up at grandma "basking, you also go. cheap Pacers jerseys "I am for your parents hit you, they do not receive proper education alive when you and I for their education! I tell you, in that nonsense again I saw you play once you unawares something !!" Grandma also angry, staring eyes snapped three lame talking." My grandfather kept nodding.

Then, Zhuo scene began to shout out, "pain! Pain !! hurt !!!" "Does it hurt you to come out ah! I dare to head tinkling se! I beat to death you! Get out!" Grandma shouted loudly, than what about playing hard, I looked at the grandmother's face as hard, forehead We are out of the sweat on big stars. When we left, I heard a father complain about heart Yun aunt, said she should not rush what Angel shouting, frightened child. "Almost . cheap packers jerseys for kids " Soul sister complained to a face full of looked puzzled Zhuoshu Shu, Zhuo scene may be too distressed, and a mouth cover, back off the face, directly to cry.

" Grandmother sneered "The youngest, you know your legs are my help rule ah, Today, I'll put it to you, then, that wooden club in my home for that fairy-bit yet, if you are not afraid of death, you get." Grandma looked at him, smiled some sorry "ambition ah, I thought, or you do not go there, came Jiao Long grandfather had been urging me to go back early, I also recognize that other county sir, so it, I called to let others go to see relatives, to see who are the same anyway, hope you can Shunshundangdang mother Kaner the past, you say is not it? " Dad frown "Mom, is it because of something you see a doctor to Jojo mood is not good, mind told me to say, Jojo is surgery ah, but that'll have to wait, you do not have to follow the money to get angry ,By the time����" "This is not a thing, I was in total I went to the upset when Huijuan there, do not follow later, you understand what ah, I'll go back with Jiao Long ah. cheap packers jerseys com " Grandma nodded, hand patted the shoulders of the soul sister "spiritual ah, mind you this, aunt understand, but you do not fit the city people Jiao Long, first, the physical aspects of her I will not say, secondly, she is a wild girl, maybe at all times to follow the doctor's nephew Cho fight ." Do not know whether shame or how, anyway, tears flow out, the grandmother looked down, and sure enough I found pants are wet, did not say anything, took my hand I get back to the house.

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