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Okay okay, the situation is not as bad as I feared, at least temporarily no. All too clever, and I saved her that night, which is the ninth day of the night she met in the end what happened? Her brain injury is not affected by the bump but that is what made percussion, who is to start with this girl? My mind is spinning fast, imagine the possibilities." Samsam waiter walked away. cheap wholesale jerseys china But I finally relented and again: ". Rao is the case, but even to eat very engaging. cheap wholesale jerseys spawned numerous problems, without any clue, unless she is awake, otherwise there is no otherwise. This girl just finished suddenly issued Woo woo cries brought me back to reality! My heart trembled, in fact, really a little afraid of this crying - she needs help, I just need help. *********************************************** Tonight, I picked up a girl in the street. cheap wholesale jerseys blank Listen Voice, age does not seem to.

" She saw that my mind up? I put my face and try to make adjustments mood, trying to pretend a great pass diners, then stood up and walked into the kitchen. I try to dress very casual, he said: "This is the passing of time Shunpian Mai's garment district. Who is the girl in the end, she came from? She was like a ghost - the ghost unaware! Fear rashly to go home with her would not be a problem, think again, had mixed feelings wonderful things, only one side of the edge of our living together (cohabiting count it). cheap wholesale football jerseys It is how the matter? Snow looked at the small arms Second, the suddenness of seemed to remember something, and finally tears hugged again small two choked up: "babe, you go where to go I've been looking for you. With her only a few short conversation, I have been in a leisurely and carefree state - shy girl, how can such a beautiful. The last phase with each other and smile, much less the moment the gap between us." Luanxiang moment did not dare to see chaos, I put things into the kitchen to put on the table. Because not yet officially winter, the property is not heated, and I sat shivering update that portion unfinished novel front of the computer, how can Chen also under the heart, from beginning to end I do not have a code word.

So fake sweetness, I have the illusion that the corridor is a small world, this little world just me and her dwelling, even though we never met each other before and now in. She is hungry, eat with relish, even milk are too busy to drink. Hardly managed to calm down, I gradually senses. I motioned to avoid the snow to avoid, we are only willing to open the half door. I am careful to help her wash the face, she is holding her hand back of the head, trying to put her head positive, but accidentally hand feeling sticky wet. It seems to me, it may be touched at one of her soft heart. Cell door security thought what had happened, I heard him call my name in the back, I did not dare go back and flew up the stairs. I only looked at the whole body hair black white hybrid dog staggered, looks a bit wide mouth, wrinkled mess of hair, jug ears, although not very beautiful, but can arouses pity.

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